Remembering Lee Kuan Yew

Queues ease on second day for mourners waiting to pay respects to Mr Lee Kuan Yew

SINGAPORE - The crowds waiting to pay their respects to Mr Lee Kuan Yew eased on Thursday, the second day that the late founding Prime Minister lay in state at the Parliamant House.

The estimated waiting time as at 10am was 1.5 hours.

Ms Maureen Setyadi, 35, a volunteer who has been there since 8.30am, said: "Everything is very orderly so far."

She was giving out sweets as she heard that "some aunties fainted yesterday".

On Wednesday, queues extended around the city district and waiting times were as long as eight hours.

Lines continued through the night as the hours for people to pay respects to Mr Lee were extended first to midnight, then to 24 hours.

Many said that the wait was shorter, and the queues were orderly.

"I wanted to come yesterday but I was scared off by the long wait. I think today's queues are more organised and it's moving much faster," said Mrs Suzie Laing, 57, a real estate agent.

Ms Tiffany Tan, 28, arrived at 8.45am and waited 45 minutes to pay her respects.

"It was very organised, and there were a few stations where water was given out," she said.

Human Resource Manager Rosalind Leong, 55, said: "My husband and I intended to come today so we took leave. We heard that the waiting time was short - 20 minutes - this morning.

"But even if we have to queue for a few hours today, it's worth my time. I was born in our founding years and saw Mr Lee Kuan Yew's strong and enduring leadership which brought us from nothing to here."

There was also a special queue for senior citizens, pregnant woman, families with young children and those with special needs.

"I really appreciate that there are special queues for the elderly and those with children so they don't have to wait with the rest of the queue," said trainer Dorcas Fong, 29.

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