PUB taking enforcement action against contractor over silty discharge in Hougang

A video posted on the Nature Society Singapore's Facebook page shows silt in a canal in Hougang. PHOTOS: SCREENGRABS FROM ED BKL/FACEBOOK

SINGAPORE - Enforcement action will be taken by the national water agency PUB against the contractor responsible for silt that was discharged into a canal in Hougang.

PUB said on Friday (Dec 13) that the discharge into the canal along Hougang Avenue 2 was from a nearby construction site in which earth control measures on site were not adequate.

Earth control measures are implemented at construction sites to safeguard water resources here by ensuring that silt is not washed from exposed earth into the waterways after rain.

Under the Sewerage and Drainage Act, offenders can be fined up to $5,000 for each offence of silty water discharge, and up to $50,000 for inadequate earth control measures.

The contractor has since rectified the lapse.

The incident was first alerted to PUB on Sunday and the agency investigated the case.

A Facebook post by the Nature Society Singapore, with a video showing silt in the canal, said that the discharge came from the construction site of a condominium.

In May, two local contractors were fined for silty water discharge and inadequate earth control measures.

The offences, committed between October and December 2018, were uncovered during PUB's regular site inspections and after public feedback. Chye Joo Construction was fined $30,300 and The Builders (Hup Huat) was fined $14,400.

Chye Joo Construction had built undersized silty water treatment plants and holding ponds at two work sites in Jalan Gali Batu and Jurong Road, which were up to six times and 22 times undersized respectively. This caused silty water to overflow into the roadside drains and waterways.

PUB said on Friday that it takes a serious view on the pollution of Singapore's waterways and will not hesitate to take action against illegal discharge into public drains and canals.

The public can contact PUB on 1800-2255-782 to report any suspected water pollution.

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