PUB not taking further action against 2 youths seen fishing illegally at Merlion Park

The two boys who were filmed fishing at Merlion Park have already been advised and counselled by their school, said the PUB.
The two boys who were filmed fishing at Merlion Park have already been advised and counselled by their school, said the PUB.PHOTOS: FACEBOOK/SBS - SURE BOH SINGAPORE

SINGAPORE - National water agency PUB will not be taking further action against the two youths who were filmed fishing illegally at Merlion Park.

In a Facebook post on Sunday (Sept 9), it said the pair had already been advised and counselled by their school, and thanked everyone who had expressed concern over the incident.

The PUB also reminded the public on the importance of responsible fishing, adding that the waters around Merlion Park are part of the Marina Reservoir, which serves first and foremost as a source of water.

It further stated that fishing at reservoirs is permitted only within designated fishing areas. These are selected based on various conditions including public safety and demarcation of zoning for different water activities.

Another factor in the selection of such areas is whether they are a good distance from footpaths and the Park Connector Network, for the safety of pedestrians.

The PUB highlighted that in the past, several incidents happened due to irresponsible fishing behaviour and fishing in non-designated areas. One such case occurred in May 2017, when a 10-year-old girl had to undergo surgery after a fishing hook got lodged in her cheek at Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park.

The agency said that such incidents serve as a reminder of the need to regulate fishing activities.


It added: "As PUB continues to review more spaces for fishing activities in consultation with other water activity groups, we would like to appeal to the public to abide by the rules and regulations set so that everyone can enjoy our reservoirs and waterways safely."

Last Friday, the PUB stated that it was appealing for information on the two youths spotted fishing at Merlion Park, after a video was posted by Facebook page SBS - Sure Boh Singapore.

Later that day, it said that the pair had been identified, and that it would work with their school to counsel and educate them on the fishing regulations and the designated fishing locations.

The post had attracted criticism from some netizens, who lamented that the boys were only fishing and should not be subjected to punishment.

According to the PUB's rules and regulations, the public should fish only at designated areas and use only artificial bait at reservoirs.

Those caught violating these regulations may be fined up to $3,000.