Protest by Malaysians at Merlion Park over recent election results

A group of Malaysians gathered at the Merlion Park on Wednesday night to protest against what they claimed were rigged elections in their country.

Dressed mostly in black, they were holding placards, with phrases such as "We Want Bersih (clean)" and "No Racism. Unity. Peace. Harmony". They chanted "ubah" occasionally, and also sang the Malaysian national anthem. "Ubah" had been a rallying cry of Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim.

Participants The Straits Times spoke to said that the message for the gathering was spread spontaneously on Wednesday through social media. Many of them were not aware who started the protest, but said they received calls or messages from their friends, and decided to be a part of the event.

In response to The Straits Times, the police said about 100 persons had gathered "illegally at the park with placards and other paraphernalia".

Five individuals who were believed to have organised the protest are currently assisting the police in their investigations.

"While foreigners, including Malaysians, are allowed to work or live here, they have to abide by our laws. They should not import issues from their own countries into Singapore, which can disturb public order as there can be groups with opposing views," said the police.

They added that those who break the law will face action which could include termination of their visas or work passes.

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