Police: Take precautions while at festivities

The Singapore Police Force has put out an advisory asking members of the public to remain alert against crime while visiting the Hari Raya bazaar in Geylang Serai.

Visitors to the bazaar should take the following precautions:

•Avoid placing wallets in your back pockets or carrying large amounts of money.

•Avoid dressing children up with large amounts of jewellery as they will be more susceptible to criminals.

•Do not be distracted when strangers cause a commotion, or when someone bumps into you or spills liquids on you.

•If you suspect you are being followed, remain calm and head to a crowded area.


Those driving should avoid Changi Road and Sims Avenue because of heavy traffic during the festival.

Auxiliary police officers will be deployed at the affected road junctions to regulate traffic and to assist motorists.

The police also warned against setting off explosive devices, even those made with sparklers.

Anyone caught setting off improvised explosive devices made with sparklers may be prosecuted for an offence of negligent conduct with respect to any explosive substance.

If convicted, the offender could be jailed for up to one year and/or fined up to $5,000.

Should setting off the devices lead to injury caused to another person, the offender may be prosecuted for voluntarily causing hurt with heated or explosive devices.

If convicted, the offender may face a jail term of up to seven years, a fine, caning, or any combination of the three.

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