Police step up enforcement after spate of car break-ins in Hougang Central

Ms Francesca Chia’s Toyota Isis was broken into on Sunday and a CashCard was found missing. -- PHOTO: STOMP
Ms Francesca Chia’s Toyota Isis was broken into on Sunday and a CashCard was found missing. -- PHOTO: STOMP

Police are investigating a spate of thefts from cars in Hougang Central.

At least six are thought to have been targeted in the vicinity of Block 830A, with at least one break-in reported this weekend.

Car owner Francesca Chia, 24, told The Straits Times how her husband was greeted with broken glass when he went to get their vehicle at about 4pm on Sunday.

The window next to the driver's seat had been smashed and the CashCard in the in-vehicle unit was missing, she said.

The personal assistant had parked her black Toyota Isis on the top level of the open-air multi-storey carpark. She may now have to fork out more than $500 to replace the side window if her insurance claim is rejected.

Police confirmed that they are investigating Ms Chia's report and said enforcement has been stepped up in the area.

Ms Chia said: "I was told by the police that six cars were broken into in Hougang Central.

"Unfortunately, there are no closed-circuit television cameras installed in this carpark. My husband and I went knocking on the doors of those flats overlooking the carpark, hoping that someone might have seen the act. But no one we spoke to did."

Ms Chia said she and her husband drove home at about 6.30am on Sunday after a night out with friends. As the parking spaces on the lower levels were all occupied, she parked on the highest level.

She believes her car was broken into after 1pm, as a friend who saw her car at that time did not notice anything amiss.

Hougang Central resident Marcus Chua told The Straits Times he had called the police when he spotted that a car's rear windscreen was smashed in the middle of last month. It had been parked at the same multi-storey carpark.

A police spokesman reminded the public not to leave valuables unattended or exposed inside their vehicles, even for a short time, and to secure their vehicles at all times.

Anyone convicted of theft from a vehicle can be fined and/or jailed for up to three years. To give information about the break-ins, call 1800-255-0000.


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