Police shoot wild boar on a rampage in Punggol

Police shot an injured wild boar that went berserk and attacked them in Punggol last night.

The animal, suspected of having been hit by a car, charged at the officers and passers-by even after the officers fired Tasers at it.

"As the wild boar was rampaging and a danger to the people in the vicinity, an officer had to draw his revolver to fire a shot at it to stop it from injuring anyone," the police said. It was shot in the neck.

The police were alerted at 7.08pm of an accident involving a wild boar and a car on the Punggol West Flyover. When they arrived with officers of wildlife rescue group Acres, they saw a wild animal with tusks lying on the road. The boar, measuring 1.5m from head to tail, got up and attacked. That was when it was shot. No one was hurt. The injured animal was handed to Acres.

Acres deputy chief executive Kalai Vanan told The Straits Times that they had to euthanise the boar.

He said the boar "most certainly became very stressed due to injuries sustained from its collision with a vehicle" and found itself "cornered and defensive".

This is the latest in a recent string of wild boar incidents. Last month, a man was injured when a boar attacked him outside a condo in Hillview Avenue.

In September, a motorcyclist and his pillion rider were taken to hospital after a boar appeared suddenly on the Ayer Rajah Expressway.

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