Police advises public to remain vigilant during Chinese New Year period

The police issued an advisory ahead of Chinese New Year, advising the public to remain vigilant about common crimes such as housebreaking, theft while shopping or visiting homes, car rental scams, and shop theft.

They advised the public not to leave large amounts of cash at home, and inform neighbours and the Neighbourhood Police Centre should they leave the country during the festive period. In an advisory on Wednesday, they also alerted the public to tactics such as strangers creating a commotion, bumping, or spilling something to distract them while a theft is on-going.

Even information such as when you are going to withdraw money or exchange new notes for red packets should be kept confidential. Retail outlets should also manage big crowds well, placing expensive items in locked display shelves and enhancing security system.

Sparklers should also be used with care. While importing and selling some types of sparklers is legal in Singapore, the use of the sparklers should be done in a responsible manner according to the safety guidelines prescribed by the manufacturer, said the Police.

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