Polar bear Inuka moves into new home at the Singapore Zoo

The first polar bear born in the tropics, the Singapore Zoo's Inuka, moved into his new home at the zoo on Wednesday.

The $8million exhibit, which at 2,700sq m is four times bigger than the previous one, was modelled after the bear's natural environment in the arctic. Called the Frozen Tundra, it features a large pool with a waterfall and an ice cave where Inuka can rest in.

The Frozen Tundra also includes two sections for Inuka's neighbours, the raccoon dogs and wolverines, who are both native to sub-arctic environments.

Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) Foundation is the long-time adopter of Inuka. Dr Lee Boon Yang, chairman of SPH and SPH Foundation was the guest-of-honour at the exhibit's launch.

Native to the Arctic Circle, polar bears are the world's largest land carnivore and adult males can weigh up to 700kg. Retreating sea ice due to global warming has diminished the bears' hunting grounds and food sources. If global temperatures continue to rise, polar bears may become extinct within a hundred years. The Frozen Tundra is open daily to the public from 8.30am to 6pm from today onwards.

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