PM Lee Hsien Loong clarifies his National Day message was not filmed with 'green screen' backdrop

A screenshot of PM Lee Hsien Loong delivering his National Day message.
A screenshot of PM Lee Hsien Loong delivering his National Day message. PHOTO: SCREENSHOT FROM FACEBOOK VIDEO

SINGAPORE - Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has responded to suggestions that his National Day message was filmed in a studio instead of at Bay East Garden.

Several netizens had the impression that a "green screen" was used to create the impressive backdrop - which consisted of iconic landmarks such as Gardens by the Bay and Marina Bay Sands - due to the bright lighting in his video. 

The "green screen" technique is commonly used in photography and filming, which allows for a separately filmed background to be added to the final image or video.

Responding to one such comment on his Facebook post on Thursday (Aug 10), PM Lee said: "It's not a green screen. My children asked me the same question.

"We were recording on location at Bay East Garden at sunrise. Mediacorp set up extra lighting to brighten up the foreground. Maybe that's why the background looks like a backdrop."

PM Lee also uploaded a photo of himself at the filming location.


In his National Day message on Tuesday, PM Lee zoomed in on three key issues that he believed will benefit Singapore in the long term: improving pre-school education, preventing diabetes and embracing technology in the drive to be a smart nation.

He chose to deliver the message from Bay East Garden, which has been earmarked as the site of a Founders' Memorial to pay tribute to the nation's founding leaders, to underscore the importance of building ahead for the next generation.