PM gets EDB Society award for playing 'pivotal' role in positioning Singapore for future


Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong being presented with the Distinguished Fellow of the EDB Society award by society president Lee Suan Hiang (centre) and Economic Development Board managing director Yeoh Keat Chuan at a dialogue held by the society and The Straits Times at The Arts House yesterday.

From the moment he entered politics in 1984, PM Lee has played key roles in "propelling" Singapore's economy on various fronts, from ensuring high standards of governance to championing science, technology and the environment, the EDB Society said. For these contributions and his leadership, the society bestowed the award on him.

In its citation, the society said PM Lee had "always inspired and backed the EDB's 'dare to dream' and 'dare to do' approach" to attract investors who would create jobs here. As chairman of the Economic Committee in the 1985 recession, he empowered EDB to pioneer "exciting" initiatives such as growing the creative industry and making Singapore a global city.

"He has been pivotal in positioning Singapore as a digital capital in Asia", advocating for it "to be on the right side of technological disruption", the society said.

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