Play with special touches for kids with special needs


Children with special needs went to the theatre at the Esplanade on Monday with no one frowning at them or telling them to be quiet.

The play, Bunny Finds The Right Stuff, is based on a children's book by award-winning Singapore author Emily Lim. The show was a sensory-friendly edition specially for children with autism.

For instance, bubbles were blown down to the ground, where the children sat, instead of up on stage as children on the autism spectrum can be impulsive and might have rushed towards the stage if they saw bubbles there.

The theatre was also made brighter for the benefit of those uncomfortable with being in the dark. This is the first sensory-friendly performance to be presented at the Esplanade, which also produced the play.

Writing about it on his Facebook page last week, Minister for Social and Family Development Tan Chuan-Jin said: "Being inclusive is also about us being understanding, accommodating (no, it's not about tolerating) and creating new opportunities for those with special needs and caregivers to enjoy what we often take for granted."

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