Plastic chair falls on moving car along CTE; man hospitalised with neck pain and glass in throat

A plastic chair fell and hit Mr Chang's car along the Central Expressway (CTE) on May 8, 2017.
A plastic chair fell and hit Mr Chang's car along the Central Expressway (CTE) on May 8, 2017.PHOTO: CARLERS THIO II / FACEBOOK

SINGAPORE - A man was taken to the hospital with neck pain and glass in his throat after a plastic chair fell from above and hit his car along the Central Expressway (CTE) in the wee hours of Monday (May 8).

Ms Carlers Thio, a 24-year-old DJ at club LUXI Dolls, told The Straits Times on Thursday (May 11) that she had been with her friend Alex Chang on the way home from work just past midnight on Monday when she saw a red chair falling.

"We were driving on the CTE and right before we entered the Chin Swee tunnel, a red stool fell from above," said Ms Thio.

She did not see who threw it or where it had come from, but she said it could have fallen from a lorry travelling in the opposite direction, or someone could have thrown it from the overhead bridge.

Mr Chang, her 32-year-old colleague, was driving when it happened.

"He screamed and swallowed little pieces of glass," she said. "I saw the chair from far. I saw it drop from above but I thought it was a red plastic bag."

Mr Chang stopped the car only when the chair hit the windscreen, shattering it with "quite a big impact", said Ms Thio.

He had neck pain and Ms Thio had whiplash.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force told ST it was alerted to the accident which required ambulance assistance along CTE towards the Seletar Expressway at 12.30am on Monday.

The police said a 32-year-old man was taken conscious to Tan Tock Seng Hospital and that police investigations into the case of a rash act along CTE near Clemenceau Exit are ongoing.

Mr Chang, a singer, was in the hospital for a day and a half and was discharged on Tuesday, Ms Thio said.

"Usually my baby is with me but thank God that day it was after work so my baby was not with me," she added.

"Now when we drive, right before we go into a tunnel we will look out."