Peacock at Dover Road garden sent to Jurong Bird Park: AVA

Dover Road residents gather around a peacock at the community garden near Block 23.
Dover Road residents gather around a peacock at the community garden near Block 23.PHOTO: SHIN MIN DAILY NEWS

SINGAPORE - A peacock which delighted residents at a Dover Road community garden has been sent to the Jurong Bird Park.

The Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) said it received feedback about the peacock on Feb 29.

The bird, which measured about 1m in length, appeared at the community garden near Block 23 in Dover Road last week.

A resident, identified only as Mr Hong, told Shin Min Daily News that the seven-year-old peacock belonged to the proprietor of a car workshop.

After the owner's land was acquired by the Government, the peacock lost its home and was transferred to a few places. It finally ended up at the community garden.

Peacock at Dover Road community garden. PHOTO: SHIN MIN DAILY NEWS

The elderly residents there have been taking care of the bird, and many took their grandchildren to play with it, Shin Min reported.

But AVA officers' investigation found that the peacock was kept in an open-top enclosure, which is not allowed.

AVA said: "We advised the owner that the enclosure must be kept in a bird-proof enclosure to prevent any contact with other birds."

The owner decided to give the peacock away, AVA said. The agency then helped him send the bird to Jurong Bird Park.

The Dover Resident's Committee told Shin Min they did not mean to keep the peacock for long because the residents did not have the proper knowledge to care for the animal.

Under the Wild Animals & Birds Act, no one is allowed to keep wild animals unless licensed, AVA said.

Up to 10 non-commercial poultry - including peacock - are allowed to be kept in private residential premises.

The bird is classified as poultry and owners must comply with some conditions for their enclosures.

Owners must ensure that the peacock is kept within a bird-proof cage or enclosure with a fine wire mesh netting to prevent it from contacting any bird, poultry or animal outside the enclosure.

The enclosure also needs to have a proper roof to prevent any droppings, waste, feathers and other particles from other animals getting into it.