Parliament: All Singapore carriers require at least two people in the cockpit at all times

SINGAPORE - All Singapore-based airlines have taken steps to ensure there are at least two persons in the cockpit at all times, said Senior Minister of State for Transport Josephine Teo on Monday.

She was responding in Parliament to Workers' Party Non-constituency Member of Parliament Yee Jenn Jong, who had asked if Singapore has a two-person cockpit rule. He also asked if pilots are subjected to regular psychological tests.

Mrs Teo said all pilots of Singapore-based airlines must undergo an annual medical assessment, which includes an evaluation of their mental health.

Pilots who are 60 years and older have to go through a medical assessment every six months, she added.

The Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore also requires that pilots declare any illnesses at any time.

Mrs Teo said airlines are also required to put in place procedures for pilots to report on a fellow pilot who may be "not fit to fly".

This can be done through submitting confidential reports to the authorities or through their airlines' in-house reporting systems, she added.

A growing number of civil aviation regulators and airlines are reviewing their cockpit rules and other procedures, in the wake of a Germanwings crash in the French Alps last month.

The co-pilot had allegedly crashed the plane after locking the captain out of the cockpit.

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