Students on challenges they face dealing with mental health issues


Year 6, Dunman High School

We all go through this rigorous education system, and I think above and beyond that, students face pressures from different facets of their lives, like personal relationships . I know a few people who put quite a lot of pressure on themselves to excel, and so it's very easy to get lost in the gaps in the sense that if you put too much pressure on yourself, you also kind of get a bit of tunnel vision at times.


JC2, Tampines Meridian Junior College

In Singapore especially, parents have a really big role in children's lives, and we always try to live up to their expectations... Sometimes parents might forget that mental health is a thing that they have to consider for their children.


Sec 4, Cedar Girls' Secondary School

My expectations for myself sometimes are as high as those from my parents, and I also have another set of expectations for myself. But as students we always have to take a step back and know what is good for us.


Sec 3, Queensway Secondary School

The peer support group in our school held a mental wellness week where one of the activities we did was that everybody got to write a card to a few of their peers. Maybe encouraging more of this kind of thing would be good. Our peer support group in our school also has an Instagram account. So, even though it's just starting, maybe in the future, it could be a way for students to share their problems.


Year 4, Singapore Chinese Girls' School

It's very important to be understanding and to be empathetic, and to be sensitive towards whatever a person is going through. And I feel that it's important for us to be educated about how to assess situations. I also have had situations where my friend confided in me, but sometimes I find it a little difficult to respond because I'm unsure of what to say... So I think it's important for schools to teach students how to properly respond to such situations.


Sec 3, St Patrick's School

I feel like we can use social media as a good platform to spread awareness about mental health. For example, one of my teachers in school posted a video on TikTok that highlighted how social media affects our mental health, and he got us to use that as a platform for us to share our thoughts and opinions. It's through things like this that we can encourage people to be more open about mental health.


JC1, Temasek Junior College

When I get upset I like to talk to other people about it. I tend to go to my friends (for support) because they are on the same level as me. So sometimes with parents or teachers, although we trust them a lot, it's just that they don't have the same perspective as us.


JC1, Tampines Meridian Junior College

If I approach a friend in distress without knowing how to really help her, it might make the situation worse. So, perhaps we could have more CCE (Character and Citizenship Education) lessons to help us get a clearer idea of how we can help a friend in need.

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