SMU sets students up for success in a post-Covid world

SMU grads have a strong head start with future-ready skills, a global mindset and generous financial support

The Singapore Management University (SMU) equips students with future-ready skills and global experiences that enable them to excel and succeed in a changing world and complex future. PHOTO: SINGAPORE MANAGEMENT UNIVERSITY

There has never been a time when so much is demanded of new graduates when they enter the workforce. In order to thrive in a fast-changing economy, being armed with a degree alone is no longer sufficient.

The Singapore Management University (SMU) equips its students with skills and experiences that enable them to excel and succeed in today’s complex, globalised world.

With a far-sighted, industry-relevant curriculum and a pioneering interactive pedagogy, it is not surprising that SMU graduates have repeatedly topped employment surveys and distinguished themselves in their chosen fields.

SMU and the top 10 skills of 2025


In The Future of Jobs Report 2020 by the World Economic Forum, 10 skills were identified as essential in order to thrive and excel in the fast-evolving future. SMU has been developing these skills in its students right from the start. 

Encompassing such broad areas as problem-solving, self-management, working with people, and technology use and development, each one is covered by SMU’s holistic, interdisciplinary curriculum and innovative teaching pedagogy. Together, they underpin the comprehensive education that every undergraduate experiences. 

SMU graduates are also guaranteed a second major to empower them to become more versatile. Interactive learning in small seminar classes ensures that every student is able to speak up, interact with their classmates and professors, and share their points of view. This develops the ability to articulate ideas and builds self-confidence. 

A rigorous, interdisciplinary SMU Core Curriculum and guaranteed global exposure provide a breadth and depth of knowledge and experience that cannot be gained through traditional learning. The Entrepreneurship Major caters to those interested in starting their own businesses while many budding start-ups founded on campus have also benefitted from support platforms that help to mentor and incubate them. 

Students are given ample opportunity to lead and also learn teamwork through the Leadership and Team Building course available within the Core Curriculum, as well as through more than 150 clubs and organisations on campus. Technology and Society, also within the Core Curriculum, prepares them to confidently navigate a world driven by technology.

The university’s pioneering approach to learning and comprehensive career preparation have again helped SMU graduates register the strongest employment outcomes amongst all Singapore government-funded universities*.  


Guaranteed global exposure for 100 per cent of SMU students

Global exposure is an integral part of learning at SMU that teaches cultural sensitivity and prepares the individual to be ready for a globalised world.

Each year, SMU students fan out across the world on study missions, overseas exchanges, summer programmes, overseas community service projects and overseas internships. To date, students have been to more than 180 cities in over 45 countries. 

SMU ensures that no student is left out and everyone gets to experience global exposure.

Since January this year, SMU has resumed overseas exchange programmes with about 95 per cent of its 220 partner universities across 45 countries and regions, with students currently on exchange programmes around the world, including in the Netherlands, the United States, Japan, and Australia.

Global exposure helps SMU graduates open doors to bigger opportunities. PHOTO: SINGAPORE MANAGEMENT UNIVERSITY

No deserving Singaporean student is denied an SMU education

SMU believes that no one who is qualified should be denied an SMU education because of financial hardship. To that end, a comprehensive range of financial assistance schemes are available to make an SMU education as affordable as possible.

The bond-free, full-tuition coverage SMU Access is the first such financial assistance scheme of its kind offered by any university in Singapore. With no limit to the number of recipients, SMU Access will guarantee eligible full-time, first-year Singaporean students 100 per cent coverage of their tuition fees.

In addition, SMU demonstrates how much it values the potential of its students by the many other need-based scholarships and awards that are given out. In fact, one in three freshmen receives a scholarship or financial award every year. 

*2021 Graduate Employment Survey (GES) conducted by SMU and all the other autonomous universities


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