P1 registration: 26 schools holding ballot for Phase 2B

Children applying to 26 popular schools will have to go through balloting in the fourth phase of the annual Primary 1 registration exercise.

The three most popular schools are Tao Nan School, which has 57 children competing for 20 places; St Hilda's Primary School, with 51 vying for 21 slots; and Holy Innocents' Primary School, which has 47 children registering for 21 places.

The list of schools includes Ai Tong School, Kong Hwa School, Nanyang Primary School and Rosyth School.

The number of schools is up from last year, when 22 schools held a ballot in Phase 2B.

The Ministry of Education (MOE) said on its website on Thursday that for 16 of the schools, the ballot will be for children who are Singapore citizens residing within 1km of the school. For another three schools, balloting will be conducted for citizens living between 1km and 2km of the school.

The remaining seven schools will be going to ballot for children living beyond 2km from the school.

The results will be out on Monday.

Phase 2B is for children whose parents volunteer at the school, those endorsed by the church or clan directly connected to the school, or those whose parents are endorsed as active community leaders.

For their children to be eligible for entry in this phase, parent volunteers must have joined by July 1 last year and completed at least 40 hours of service by June 30 this year.

MOE said on its website that Henry Park Primary School, which offered 25 places and was oversubscribed by one child, will not be going to ballot as the school has places only for children of Singapore citizens in this phase.

Fairfield Methodist School (Primary) will also not be going to ballot despite having 41 applicants for 23 slots as the school has places only for Singapore citizens residing within 1km of the school.

Registration for Phase 2C starts next Tuesday at 9am and closes on Thursday at 4.30pm.

Phase 2B and the next phase have had 20 reserved spots in each school every year since 2014, when MOE set aside more places for students who do not have alumni connections to the schools.

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