How SMU nurtures graduates for career success in a post-pandemic world

Interdisciplinary, innovative curriculum gives SMU grads an edge in a changing world

The Singapore Management University (SMU) prepares students for an evolving job landscape by equipping them with critical skills such as problem solving, active learning, resilience and flexibility in order to thrive in a post-pandemic workplace. PHOTO: SINGAPORE MANAGEMENT UNIVERSITY

It’s a different world that’s opening up. One that is volatile, uncertain and complex, yet one that will reward those who are able to rise to its challenges and seize the opportunities available.

The Singapore Management University (SMU) prepares students for such a world by equipping them with skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, active learning, resilience, stress tolerance and flexibility in order to thrive in a post-pandemic workplace.

In fact, SMU regularly updates its industry-relevant curriculum to ensure that its graduates are prepared to confidently take on many different career paths even amid an unpredictable world.

SMU's broad-based and rigorous interdisciplinary curriculum helps ensure that its graduates are adaptable and highly versatile. PHOTO: SINGAPORE MANAGEMENT UNIVERSITY

Nurturing the type of graduates that employers prefer

Since inception, SMU has consistently nurtured future-ready graduates through pioneering innovations and a cutting-edge curriculum.

Today, these and other new features that are constantly implemented form the bedrock of SMU’s transformational undergraduate programmes. They are among some of the most compelling reasons that make SMU different and outstanding.

  • Interactive pedagogy
    All classes are conducted in seminar rooms with no more than 45 students. The small class sizes foster discussion between professors and students. Students are encouraged to present their viewpoints and ask questions and, in the process, they become confident and effective communicators who are able to think on their feet.
  • Flexible and interdisciplinary core curriculum
    SMU was the first local university to introduce a broad-based and rigorous interdisciplinary Core Curriculum which is continually updated to stay industry-relevant. Students choose from over 50 academically breath-taking courses covering the three pillars of Capabilities, Communities and Civilisations. Underscoring the University’s strong commitment to experiential learning, all students also get to experience an internship either locally or overseas, gain global exposure, and give back through community service either locally or overseas.
  • 100 per cent flexibility for customisation
    Students have a plethora of choices and 100 per cent flexibility to customise their academic journey to suit their ambitions, circumstances and passions. For example, students can choose to complete their studies in three years, three-and-a-half years, or four years, or to take up a single degree programme or double degree programme, a single major, or two majors.
  • Guaranteed second major across all programmes 
    Another first from SMU, all students are guaranteed a second major that can be taken from any School across the entire University. Students have the flexibility to explore their intellectual interests before deciding on their second major by their second year in SMU. Not surprisingly, with such strong interdisciplinary training, SMU graduates are better equipped, more adaptable, highly versatile and consistently sought after by employers.
  • Over 300 double major and double degree combinations and exciting pathways 
    SMU students can choose from majors across the entire University, exciting pathways, real-world immersion programmes such as work-study programmes in collaboration with top companies and organisations, and fast-track programmes that lead to a Master or other postgraduate degrees. With such diversity, students are able to find the right combination or programme that meets their goals and fulfils their ambitions.
  • 100 per cent global exposure for all students 
    Global traction and understanding underpins success in careers in today’s globally connected environment. To have global exposure from the vantage of a university education is invaluable for international networking and global vision; it also open doors to bigger opportunities. SMU is so serious about global exposure that it is the first local university to require all students to have global exposure before graduating. Over the years, SMU graduates have fanned out across the world on study missions, overseas exchanges, summer programmes, community service projects and overseas internships. The University has a wide range of financial support schemes in place to ensure that all students are able to fulfil the global exposure requirement.
  • Real-world immersive learning
    SMU-X, a first-of-its-kind, cutting-edge programme, enables students to work in small groups to consult for companies while solving real-world issues.

Entrepreneurship is also in SMU’s DNA. Through the SMU Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, students have a supportive platform and a thriving ecosystem to incubate their start-ups. Not surprisingly, many of today’s successful start-ups had their modest beginnings in SMU!

Finally, nothing mirrors the real world more than being Singapore’s first city campus in the heart of the Civic District, and steps from the CBD. This puts SMU students within easy reach of internships, jobs and industry experts to learn from and be inspired by.

New, industry-relevant interdisciplinary programmes and tracks being offered at SMU include Computing and Law, Financial Forensics, Digital Business, Sustainability, and more. PHOTO: SINGAPORE MANAGEMENT UNIVERSITY

An industry-relevant education nurtures graduates for an evolving economy

SMU is continually innovating to broaden and deepen its curriculum by offering new and industry-relevant degrees and tracks. New interdisciplinary offerings include Computer Science, Computing and Law, Financial Forensics, Digital Business, Data, Design and Communications, Software Engineering (pending approval from the Ministry of Education for launch in August this year) as well as exciting Fast-Track Programmes and Work-Study Programmes to enhance the already broad and diverse course offerings.

Other top-notch interdisciplinary offerings include Politics, Law and Economics, Health Economics and Management, Entrepreneurship, Accounting Data and Analytics, Sustainability, Communication Management, and many others.

SMU has identified three high-impact growth areas, namely, Sustainability, Digital Transformation and Growth in Asia. The growing importance of these disciplines are reflected in new course offerings that set up SMU graduates with opportunities for exciting, new careers.

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