P1 registration: How to apply for your kid while you are overseas

With the Primary 1 registration in full swing, Straits Times senior education correspondent Sandra Davie answers parents' queries about the process. Here is one question sent in by a reader:

Q: Presently, my family and I are living overseas. We plan to send our daughter back to Singapore for her studies. We have bought a HDB flat in Clementi, which will completed by mid-2016. But currently my registered address is my brother's house in Serangoon. So, should I try for a school in Clementi or Serangoon where my brother lives?

A: Parents living overseas can e-mail the required documents to the Pupil Placement Section of the Ministry of Education (MOE) at moe_pps@moe.gov.sg at least one week before the child's eligible registration phase.

Parents should check to ensure their documents have been received.

The address to be used has to be the parents' address as shown in the parents' NRIC.

You can download the application form or obtain the form from the Singapore embassies and clubs overseas.

MOE's Pupil Placement Section will register the child at the phase that he or she is eligible for and inform the parents of the the result by e-mail at the end of the phase.

If the child is unsuccessful in gaining admission to the school of choice, the parents can inform MOE of the school of choice for the next phase that the child is eligible for.

Alternatively, parents can authorise a person to register their child on their behalf. A letter of authorisation is required from the parent.

At the time of registration, photocopies of the supporting documents will be sufficient. The originals of these documents should be presented for verification by the school before the child starts school.

You asked about choosing between schools in Clementi or Serangoon.

You should check the MOE website and visit parents' online forums to gather more information on the schools that are located near your home in Clementi or your brother's home in Serangoon and pick those that offer convenience.

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