P1 registration: Gaining priority as a community leader

Parents have been sending in their questions on Primary 1 registration, ranging from how priority is accorded to the balloting process. Straits Times senior education correspondent Sandra Davie answers two of them.

Q: My husband has served as the the treasurer of the Management Committee at Braddell View for over a year. Are we entitled to register under an earlier phase than Phase 2C?

A: No. Not all community leaders are eligible to register their children under Phase 2B of the P1 Registration Exercise. To qualify, community leaders are required to have served actively for at least one year in the Residents' Committee (RC), Neighbourhood Committee (NC), Citizen's Consultative Committee (CCC), Community Club Management Committee (CCMC) or the Community Development Council (CDC).

Q: I have applied for a new BTO flat at Yishun which will only be ready in 2017. I am currently living in Bedok. Can I register my son in a school in Yishun? I work in Yishin and my parent also lives there.

A: The new BTO flat address can be used for this year's registration only if the signed Agreement for Lease with HDB indicates a completion date before 31 December 2015.

If your child is staying in Bedok, you should consider applying for a school in Bedok so that it is more convenient for the child.Subsequently, when you move to your flat at Yishun in 2017, you can seek a school transfer.

Alternatively, if your child is being looked after by your parents in Yishun, you may register your child using the address of the child's grandparents, provided a statutory declaration is made. You can visit the P1 Registration Website for more information on this.

You should note that if balloting is required and a statutory declaration is used, children who are registered using an address of either the grandparents or the parent's sibling and residing within 1 km or between 1 km and 2 km from the school of choice are balloted together with the other children of the same citizenship residing between 1 km and 2 km. This is to be fair to children whose parents' addresses are within 1 km of the school.