P1 registration: Can I register my child in two schools?

Several parents who are undecided on a primary school for their child have asked if they can register their child in two different schools? And, if they can withdraw their application from one school and register their child in another. The Straits Times' senior education correspondent Sandra Davie answers their questions.

Q: I would like to know if I can register my son under both phase 2B and 2C at different schools. I have completed my volunteer work in School A and will be eligible to register under phase 2B. But my first choice is actually School B which I can register only under Phase 2C.

Q: If my child has already been accepted by a primary school in an earlier phase, say Phase 2A, can I still try to register him in another school at a later phase?

Do I have to withdraw my application from the first school to register him in another school?

A: A child can only be registered in one school at any point of the P1 Registration Exercise. Duplicate registrations are not allowed.

But if you change your mind, you may withdraw the earlier application to register at another school.

However, I would not recommend it. You have to consider the fact that your child has already secured a place in the earlier phase, while he may be subject to balloting again at the second school, especially if it is a popular one.

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