Online flak for Caucasian in road rage video

In the video clip, the motorcyclist is seen pointing his finger at the driver of a car at Temasek Boulevard.
In the video clip, the motorcyclist is seen pointing his finger at the driver of a car at Temasek Boulevard.PHOTO: FACEBOOK

A road rage incident involving a Caucasian has sparked the ire of netizens after a video of him pointing a middle finger at a motorist was circulated online.

The 41-second clip, which was taken with an in-vehicle camera mounted on a car dashboard, was posted on online community website Singapore Reckless Drivers last Thursday.

It has also been posted on sociopolitical website The Real Singapore.

Together, the posts have drawn about 1,000 shares and likes, with most comments slamming the Caucasian motorcyclist.

In the video, which has no sound, the Caucasian riding a red motorcycle is seen stopping on the right side of two-lane Temasek Boulevard, purportedly after a horn was sounded at him.

He is seen pointing the middle finger of his right hand and drawing a circle with it four times.

He then gets off his motorcycle and walks towards the driver's door.

He walks out of the frame for a few seconds, but in the scene that follows, he hits the car's bonnet as he walks back to his motorcycle.

He then rides his motorcycle through a road barrier to the opposite side of the road.

Police were unable to say yesterday whether a report had been made of the incident, the latest this year involving a Caucasian.

On April 1, a Singaporean and a Caucasian were arrested for affray after they allegedly fought in the middle of a road in Chai Chee.

In a 40-second clip uploaded by an eyewitness, the 26-year-old motorcyclist wearing a helmet is seen tussling with the 39-year-old Caucasian driver, who then pins him to the ground.

Vulgarities are exchanged before the clip ends.

In a Feb 10 incident, a Caucasian cyclist was caught on camera taunting and gesturing rudely at a driver in Thomson Road.