NTUC Foodfare opens "next generation" coffeeshop at Clementi with budget meals

Clementi residents can enjoy budget-priced meals at NTUC Foodfare's newest coffeeshop at Block 420A.

The meals, which range from $1.80 to $4, ensure low-priced options are available for the needy. Each stall at the coffeeshop will provide a no-frills main meal in addition to, or as part of its menu.

Other perks include a further 10 per cent discount off the budget pick meals for those holding the public assistance discount card, which is under the ComCare scheme. Senior citizens holding the U Live card, get 10 per cent off all meals at the coffeshop on Tuesdays.

The new outlet aims to be the next generation of coffeeshops in the HDB heartlands by providing affordable food in a comfortable environment, said NTUC Foodfare in a press release on Wednesday.