NTU, Swedish researcher study novel compound to alleviate colon cancer

Scientists from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and Lund University in Sweden have bio-engineered a novel molecule which has been proven to successfully kill tumour cells without doing healthy cells much harm.

This molecule is based on a natural protein present in human breast milk, which has been found to have strong and wide-ranging tumour killing properties when bound to certain lipids. The protein-lipid molecule complex is known as HAMLET, which stands for Human Alpha-lactabumin Made Lethal to Tumour cells.

In the latest breakthrough research led by Professor Catharina Svanborg and Dr Manoj Puthia from Lund University in Sweden and Professor Gerhard Grül;ber from NTU's School of Biological Sciences, HAMLET has been shown to successfully suppress colorectal cancer in laboratory mice.

The team is looking to test HAMLET in Singapore, where colon cancer is the most common cancer, and are in talks with local institutions and industry.

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