NTU start-up launches first 3D printer and scanner combination

SINGAPORE - Blacksmith Group, a Nanyang Technological University start-up, has launched Singapore's first 3-D printer and scanner combination.

The Blacksmith Genesis, which looks like an oversized coffee machine, is a 3-D printer with 3-D scanning capabilities that can scan physical items into digital models.

This means that users will not have to apply complicated 3-D design software to create a model for printing. They can simply scan existing items, edit the digital scan on a computer if necessary, and print a replica out.

The machine can print an item up to the size of a large tissue box.

It takes about six minutes to complete a full scan, and up to several hours to print, depending on the size and volume of the object. A replica of a soft drink can, for instance, takes about two hours.

Blacksmith hopes to raise US$75,000 (S$100,000) to manufacture the Genesis printers.

Each machine is expected to cost US$2,200, with early test models starting from US$1,200.

Twenty-five Genesis machines are expected to be shipped out in January next year for testing and consumer feedback. The first batch of commercially-ready machines is expected to be shipped out in March.