NTU announces new $30 million centre to boost students' career competitiveness

The Nanyang Technological University (NTU) announced on Tuesday a new $30 million career development centre to boost the competitiveness of its graduates.

The centre will offer a structured curriculum of essential career skills and values. Engineering students will kickstart the programme next August by taking 10 mandatory modules on career development, including resume-writing and networking, during their four years of undergraduate studies.

Named Margaret Lien Centre for Professional Success after the philanthropist who donated $12 million to the fund, the online platform was launched at an appreciation lunch held at Regent Hotel Singapore. The Government will match Mrs Lien's donation, bringing the total building fund to $30 million.

Mrs Lien, wife of the late Dr Lien Ying Chow, who was a strong supporter of NTU, said: "I hope this programme will help students round off their strong NTU academic education with value-based ethics, a social conscience and compassion for those in need."