NSF given supervised probation for accepting stolen money paid to woman for sex

A 20-year-old full-time National Serviceman (NSF) was on Friday sentenced to a year's supervised probation after he was found guilty of accepting stolen money from another man.

Shen Wen Jie, who is with the Singapore Armed Forces Commandos unit, and Siew Wen Jun, 20, engaged the sexual services of two Chinese nationals and together checked into a hotel room in Changi in November last year. They paid the women $100 each.

After sex and before the women left the room, Siew, who was then serving his NS holding the rank of Sergeant at the Woodlands West Neighbourhood Police Centre, stole the $100 he had paid from one of the women's handbag.

The two fled in a taxi when the women threatened to call the police. Siew later tried to return the money to the woman, but she refused. Shen accepted the $50 which Siew offered him in the taxi . The case against Siew is currently ongoing.

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