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Forum: No shying away from issue of class divide

A still from the movie Parasite.
A still from the movie Parasite.PHOTO: CATHAY

The South Korean hit film, Parasite, has left its mark on the film industry, winning a slew of prestigious awards internationally.

Parasite delves into the issue of class divide, distinguishing itself through its realistic portrayal of the poor and the rich.

The issues raised in the movie parallel a disturbing reality in virtually every part of the world, and Singapore is no exception.

While government and community efforts to aid the poor are helping, it is debatable whether people caught in the vicious circle of poverty can ever break out of it.

The growing disparity between the poor and the rich should be given more thought.

Society plays a part in worsening the divide through an ingrained culture of elitism and the existence of social-class bubbles.

Social inequality is certainly not an easy topic, but this does not give us reason to shy away from striving to reduce it.

Melody Tay Wen Hui , 17

JC 2 student