No more revolving door politics for Japan: PM Abe

Energised by his party's recent strong electoral victory, a confident Japanese premier Shinzo Abe said the country's politics and policies were finally aligned to help lift the economy out of the doldrums.

"The revolving door politics with its high turnover, for which Japan is well known, has disappeared, it is now a thing of the past," Mr Abe told a public lecture here today.

"The will to change has returned to Japan and so has strength."

Following the recent Upper House elections in Japan, Mr Abe and his ruling Liberal Democratic Party now sit on the biggest parliamentary majority in six years.

This renewed political clout is seen as giving a big boost to the premier's much talked about economic policies. Commonly dubbed "Abenomics", Mr Abe's prescription involves a triple dose of monetary and fiscal policies, as well as structural reforms, to help put the Japanese economy back to health.

Elaborating on his economic strategy during the lecture, Mr Abe said Japan was merely at the "starting point" of reforms, and that his government would focus strongly on structural and regulatory reforms in the coming months.

He stressed that the success of "Abenomics" would benefit Asean economies via increased trade and investment, which would in turn further boost Japan's recovery.

Mr Abe visited Malaysia yesterday prior to his official trip to Singapore today. He leaves for the Philippines this evening as part of a three-nation South-east Asia tour.

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