New air traffic control centre with $300 million system to cope with regional growth

A new air traffic control centre equipped with a sophisticated control system worth over $300 million has been launched here amid fast growth in the region's aviation sector.

The Singapore Air Traffic Control Centre (SATCC) comes with the newly-developed Lorads III system, which will improve Singapore's air traffic control capacity, said the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS).

Speaking to reporters on Sunday, CAAS director of air traffic services Rosly Md Saad said: "The new centre will enhance our airports' operational capabilities, safety, efficiency and it helps us meet future demand."

For instance, the new Long Range Radar and Display System (Lorads) III can track up to 2000 aircraft at a time up to a distance of 500 nautical miles, compared with about 500 aircraft up to a distance of 250 nautical miles for the older system, he said. It will also help reduce separation distances between aircraft, he added.

Other new features of the system include smoother digital information displays, back-up capabilities in case of failure, and improved sensors for better aerial surveillance.

Mr Saad said all 300 or so air-traffic controllers have been trained in the new system. CAAS is targeting to recruit 80 new controllers this year and they will also receive similar training.