New activities kit by Touch Community Services for families

Singapore parents now have a new resource to cultivate positive character traits in their children. Voluntary welfare organisation Touch Community Services launched a toolkit on character development on Monday as part of its Family Festival 2013.

The kit suggests games that parents can play with their kids to develop values such as attentiveness, responsibility and compassion. One example is the "trust tower" game to teach children the value of honesty. In this game, parents ask their kids to build a tower out of wooden blocks, then make it tumble. They can use this as an opportunity to explain to their children that every time they are honest, they build trust for themselves but it does not take long to destroy this trust when they are dishonest.

The kit also encourages parents to map out "I will" actions with their child, such as "I will stay focused and ignore distractions". Parents reward their children with stars each time the action is practised.

"What we are putting together is our many years of experience working with local schools, local children in the Singapore context that's why we believe that it will be effective and easy-to-use resource," said executive director of Touch Community Services, Mr Eugene Seow. Touch has been working with schools for the past twelve years.

A total of 4,000 sets of the kit have been produced and will be distributed to primary schools and parents attending the Touch Family Festival 2013. These lunchtime family talks are being held daily from May 27 to 31 at various locations in the Central Business District.

Said Acting Minister for Social and Family Development Chan Chun Sing, who launched the kit: " We must never underestimate the impact of what we can do as parents. If they have good foundations and values, they will be successful no matter where they will be, regardless of what subjects they study."

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