New accreditation by Natas for individuals in travel industry

The National Association of Travel Agents Singapore (Natas) is now accrediting individual staff members in the travel industry, in a bid to encourage them to upgrade their skills.

There is currently no accreditation system for individual employees, although licensing is required for travel agents and their companies.

Each applicant, who will undergo a competency assessment. This includes interviews and assessments by their superiors in their companies. Other factors like their academic qualifications, experience, training certificates and testimonials will also be looked at.

Those who are accredited get a certificate.

"Natas Accreditation will be the new benchmark for measuring tourism professionals. Members of the public will be able to use it as an additional standard of professionalism that they can trust," said Ms Patricia Auyeong, acting chief executive of Natas.

Depending on the assessment process, applicants will be conferred one of three titles: Accredited Travel Associate, Accredited Travel Professional or Senior Accredited Travel Professional.

The scheme was rolled out internally in September 2012. The first batch of 98 employees will be officially accredited on March 14.

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