Nestle recalls Peanut Butter Kit Kat Chunky bars here as precautionary measure

Nestle is recalling the peanut butter variety of its popular Kit Kat Chunky bars here as part of a precautionary measure.

This after the Swiss-based company had received feedback from seven customers in the United Kingdom, who each found a piece of plastic in their Kit Kat.

Three other flavours of the 48g Chunky bars - hazelnut, chocolate fudge and caramel - have also been recalled along with the Kit Kat Chunky Collection Giant Egg variety manufactured from September last year.

Aside from Singapore and the UK, other markets affected by the recall include Germany, Malta, Switzerland, Austria, Phillipines and Canada, said Nestle in a statement released on Friday.

Of the recalled items, only the peanut butter Kit Kat Chunky bars are sold in Singapore, while the affected products are mostly sold in the UK.

Nestle Singapore said in its statement that it had not received any similar feedback from customers here and stressed no other Kit Kat products are affected.

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