NDP fun pack designed to be versatile

Items such as bandannas and scarves can be put to different uses

Spectators at this year's National Day Parade will be able to wear some of the items in their fun packs as fashion accessories.

And they can keep using them long after the festivities are over.

One highlight is the Singapore scarf, which will help to create a sea of red as audience members perform the Kallang Wave.

The fun pack also includes bandannas, which can be worn as headbands, wristbands or scarves.

Their designs are based on the theme 'Heartland Symphony' and aim to evoke familiar sights and sounds, from kopitiam to kite-flying.

The team of designers from Temasek Polytechnic wanted to create a fun pack containing practical items that Singaporeans could use during and after the parade.

The team members have developed a red water- and dirt-resistant bag that can hold up to 6kg and is suitable for sports and outdoor activities.

It comes in four different designs, featuring simple but poignant messages such as 'Home is not just a place, but a reflection of you and me.'

Made of polyester, it can be carried in different ways - as a backpack, a sling bag or a hand-carry bag. Mr Jarron Isaac Tham, 18, who led the design team, added: 'You can use it as a gym bag, or even as a pillow - the straps can be adjusted to suit your lifestyle.'

Lieutenant-Colonel Lau Hui Boon, who chairs the event's logistics and finance committee, said: 'Singaporeans can look forward to the accessories, which add elements of fun and fashion to the parade.'

Come rain or shine, parade-goers will be well protected, with ponchos and sunscreen provided.

Snacks and packet drinks will help stave off hunger and thirst.

There is also a folding fan to keep the heat at bay, as well as the customary Singapore flag and temporary tattoos.

Mr Tham, a third-year product and industrial design student, said he felt good about doing something for society.

'It's every designer's dream that their design will become a reality. It's not just for anybody, but for the nation.'

Past parades have featured eco-friendly fun packs.

Last year's fun pack consisted of a biodegradable bag containing items made from recycled mate-rials.