Navy serviceman Jason Chee learns to walk again with prosthetic legs

SINGAPORE - Navy serviceman Jason Chee, who lost his legs and left arm in a horrific ship accident in 2012, is learning to walk again with his prosthetic legs.

On Monday, he posted on his Facebook page a video of himself at a rehabilitation session. Mr Chee wrote: "Walking steadily step by step....".



Other posts on his Facebook page also showed him in various stages of rehabilitation. He shared that he was thinking of taking up driving lessons.

Currently serving as an operations supervisor in the 191 Squadron, he has impressed Singaporeans with his determination and grit. He represented Singapore at the 2013 Para Asean Games in Myanmar and won a bronze medal in table tennis.

He also received a personal letter from Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger last August when the Frenchman read about his story.