National Day Special: Are you in any of these Straits Times photographs?

Children receive packets of milk as part of the annual Milk Day on Nov 19, 1985. -- PHOTO: ST FILE
Children receive packets of milk as part of the annual Milk Day on Nov 19, 1985. -- PHOTO: ST FILE
Opening of MRT system - Day 2. A MRT staff helping daddy Mr Chan Soon Heng, 36, a hawker at the fare gate. His hands were full carrying his daughters, Renmei, six (left), and Renhui, two - all going for a ride at the Ang Mo Kio station.  -- PHOTO: ST FILE
Tze Swee Poh and his 10 classmates from Serangoon Secondary School queued for over 10 hours. In all they collected 11 pairs of Hello Kitty and Daniels. Others collected their coupons to redeem their Hello Kitty at specific Mcdonalds outlets specified on their coupons and were told to come back the next day. -- PHOTO: ST FILE
A five-foot-way library of Chinese comic books in Boon Tat Street. Children seem to be the main customers for these comics collection. -- PHOTO: ST FILE
A five-foot-way library of Chinese comic books in Boon Tat Street. Children seem to be the main customers for these comics collection. -- PHOTO: ST FILE
Tortoise Derby trial race at the Japanese Garden in Singapore, Aug 27, 1980. For, only three short weeks before this photo was taken, these 50 tortoises were still living blissfully in the Southern Islands. Then came Jurong Environmental Engineering (JEE), and snatched them away for the Derby. They were given to staff of Jurong Town Corporation, of which JEE is a subsidiary, to be trained to run. -- PHOTO: ST FILE
A family taking a ride in their car in Pulau Tekong, Singapore, Jan 19, 1954. -- PHOTO: ST FILE
Children playing on swings at Kampong Loyang in Tampines. Kampongs in Singapore are becoming a fast-vanishing sight owing to the pace of development. Kampong Loyang - a community of about 70 households, mostly Malay families - will soon be resettled. As many of the kampung houses are sited near the sea, the area is called Kampung Loyang Laut where residents traditionally fished for a living. -- PHOTO: ST FILE
Children in kindergarten at Jalan Eunos. -- PHOTO: ST FILE
Students looking at their examination results at River Valley English School in Singapore, Nov 16, 1967. -- PHOTO: ST FILE
This tense scuffle on a grass slope happened just off the main gate of the Teachers Training College in Paterson Road. The boy in white - a candidate for the Government Secondary Four Examination - had tried to enter the college emergency examination centre by forcing his way through "human chains" formed by rows of students pickets boycotting the examination. The two masked pickets are dragging and pushing him away from the main gate. But he later managed to get into the centre by creeping under the fence with the aid of a group of parents. -- PHOTO: ST FILE
Student pickets boycotted the Singapore Government Chinese Secondary Four examination mass outside the Teachers' Training College examination centre in Patterson Road as they prepare to march off. From the TTC, the students went to the Chinese High School in Bukit Timah Road where they held "victory dance" and made speeches from 2pm up to late in the evening. -- PHOTO: ST FILE
Police trying to control the crowd of Chinese School students during the 1954 riot - 1954 Chinese School Student Riots. -- PHOTO: ST FILE
National Servicemen (NS) enlistment at Kallang Manpower HQ on Aug 17, 1967. -- PHOTO: ST FILE
1968 National Day Parade. The Contingents included the army, students, Chinese pugilists, Sikhs in bhangra outfits and Malay dancers in their traditional best. -- PHOTO: ST FILE
The 1968 National Day Parade made its way to Bras Basah Road and Victoria Street before turning off to River Valley Road and ending in Queensway. -- PHOTO: ST FILE
Spectators at the 8th Singapore Grand Prix in 1973. -- PHOTO: ST FILE
As Singapore is gripped by the severe acute respiratory syndrome (Sars) outbreak, patients await their turn to be screened for the disease outside Tan Tock Seng Hospital's accident and emergency department. Makeshift tents have been set up here, as the hospital has shut its doors to all patients other than those with Sars. -- PHOTO: ST FILE
The rains held off as flood waters receded in all parts of Singapore and victims of the massive weekend flooding counted their loss. The floods had caused heavy damage to property, livestock and poultry. The worst hit area was the farm belt stretching across Woodlands, Braddell Road, Potong Pasir and Changi. At least 2,000 pigs and a large number of poultry have perished as flood waters, swollen by heavy rain, swirled through the farms on Saturday and Sunday morning. -- PHOTO: ST FILE

SINGAPORE - Calling all readers: Are you, or someone you know, in any of these iconic and historical photographs of Singapore?

If you are, or know someone who is, we are looking for you.

Tell us your story so that we can feature your experiences in this year's Straits Times National Day Special on Aug 9.

These photos are in the WE: Defining Stories exhibition, which feature about 400 photos taken by Straits Times photojournalists, with some pictures dating back to the 1950s.

The photos are divided into six sections: namely, Merdeka (the Malay word for freedom); Home, Challenges, Heroes, So Singaporean, and Our Stories.

Each section contains photos exploring an aspect of Singapore history and culture. The Merdeka section features pictures of Singapore's road to independence. This includes the famous picture showing former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew tearing at the reality of the country's separation from Malaysia.

Another section, So Singaporean, features the quirkier side of Singapore life, including a photo showing the Hello Kitty craze back in 2000.

"These photos from our archives is a valuable documentation of our country, culture and identity. The older generation will definitely find a picture they can relate to and the younger ones will learn something about what makes us Singaporeans," said Ms Stephanie Yeow, photo editor of The Straits Times.

The exhibition, a collaboration between The Straits Times and the National Museum of Singapore, is being held at the museum till Aug 31 from 10am to 6pm daily.

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