National Day Parade: Durable goodie bags to be handed out this year

With its durable, sail-shaped design, this year's National Day Parade Funpack will hopefully be used by people as a bag even after the parade, said the parade's organisers.

It can be used as either a backpack or slingbag. The goodie bag for spectators at Singapore's 48th birthday bash was described by the organisers as being sleek and modern as well as elegant.

It contains a flute, souvenir book and mini-banner, as well as familiar items such as a mini national flag, ponchos and snacks. The NDP executive committee 2013 unveiled the pack on Wednesday.

This year's parade aims to strike a more personal tone, with its theme "Many Stories... One Singapore". The National Day song, sung by local artistes in previous years, will for the first time be sung by a choir made up of ordinary Singaporeans.