My daughter needs me the most right now: Father of premature baby saved in accident that killed wife

Mr Dave Yuen has visited their baby Yu En in the hospital every day since a fatal accident claimed the life of his pregnant wife. ST PHOTO: KUA CHEE SIONG

SINGAPORE - Mr Dave Yuen has been visiting his baby daughter Yu En every day since an accident killed his pregnant wife on Saturday (May 13).

She was saved by an emergency caesarean section on Saturday, after her mother Ms Goh Chieh Ting, who was six months pregnant, was hit by a lorry while crossing the road.

"My daughter needs me the most right now," said Mr Yuen, 26, recounting the ordeal for the first time since his wife's death, in an interview with reporters on Tuesday. Their child remains in stable condition at the National University Hospital.

Ms Goh, 25, had been with her mother-in-law when a lorry turning out of a carpark hit her while making a right turn at 8am, on Jurong West Avenue 1.

Bloodied and unconscious, she was taken to Ng Teng Fong General Hospital, where she died due to severe head injuries at about 9.30am that day.

Due to quick-thinking by doctors in the emergency room, her baby survived.

Recalling how he was told of the accident that morning, Mr Yuen said that a close friend of his mother's had gone to his home to break the news to him.

When he arrived at the scene of the accident, his mother and wife were no longer there. He rushed to the hospital to see them.

"It was just too sudden. I still need time to breathe... I don't know what is next for me," said Mr Yuen, who remains visibly shaken as he addressed the media, with his sister and her boyfriend by his side.

"Things happened so fast... What we need the most (now) is time."

At Ms Goh's wake, relatives told The Straits Times that Mr Yuen's mother had been distraught since her death.

While Mr Yuen's sister, Nicole, wrote to online donations portal on Monday to consider setting up a charity that would raise funds and donations of milk for baby Yu En, he clarified that his daughter does not need any donations of breast milk from the public for now. is now matching the family's needs to a charity to help with the campaign.

Mr Yuen and his family added that they have received many good wishes since the accident and wanted to thank the people who have showed concern.

Those who wish to help may contact Jurong Spring Community Club at

"My wife left me a daughter. Initially, I just needed to play the role of a father. Now, I have to play both (parent) roles... Too many things are in my head right now," said Mr Yuen, who added that he has to face the reality of what happened and that he needs time and space now.

"I also need my daughter."

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