43,000 households will get keys to BTO flats late

Around 43,000 households will get the keys to their Build-To-Order flats late due to construction delays owing to manpower shortages and supply chain disruptions. Of the 89 ongoing BTO projects, about 85 per cent are six to nine months behind schedule, said the Ministry of National Development in a written parliamentary reply. 


Virus complicates looming Myanmar refugee crisis

The political crisis in Myanmar now enfolds a looming health crisis, as a nationwide strike has decimated Covid-19 testing capacities. Myanmar's neighbours, who fear imported coronavirus infections, now face the prospect of a refugee exodus from the country, and experts warn that pushback is not an option. 

The train was sliced in half when it crashed headlong into the tunnel wall last Friday.
The train was sliced in half when it crashed headlong into the tunnel wall last Friday. PHOTO: REUTERS


More human remains found at site of Taiwan train crash

More body parts have been found after the crushed remains of the last carriage of a train that derailed along Taiwan's east coast were finally pulled out from a tunnel at the crash site, almost a week after the accident. The recovery of human remains late on Tuesday night by workmen, who lifted the eighth carriage of the train, led prosecutors to believe that the death toll could change. 


The lure of strongman leaders in Asia

Are Asians increasingly prone to looking away from the liberal order as a trade-in for what they interpret to be "order" in the form of strongmen? During periods of much stress, ordinary folks have been known to look for strength in leaders who project the appearance of resoluteness and durability, says associate editor Ravi Velloor. 


Court rejects appeal of woman seeking 'revenge'

A woman on a "quest for revenge" against a doctor had her appeal dismissed by the Court of Appeal yesterday on the grounds that an adequate case to allow it had not been made. The High Court had previously dismissed her application last year after it found that she had a vendetta and lacked good faith. 



COEs end mostly higher as cut in supply looms

Certificates of entitlement (COEs) ended mostly higher at the latest tender yesterday, with bidding fuelled by a number of factors, including a foreseeable cut in the COE quota from next month. Motor traders said an increased wealth factor arising from bullish markets had contributed to the demand for cars.

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