MSF revokes status of Impresario Learning Lab as administrator of government student care fee assistance

SINGAPORE - The Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) is set to revoke student care centre Impresario Learning Lab's status as a an administrator of government student care fee assistance, it said on Wednesday (Sept 7).

The revocation comes into effect on Sept 20.

MSF had uncovered multiple wrongful claims for student care fee subsidies made by Impresario Learning Lab to the government in a recent audit.

The Ministry referred the matter to the Commercial Affairs Department.

Impresario Learning Lab, located at Havelock Road, was given two weeks to provide an explanation to MSF regarding the wrongful claims, but did not do so by the deadline.


The centre has written to inform MSF that it plans to cease operations as a student care centre on Sept 20, and that it has informed parents of its plans.

The revocation will take effect at the same time to give parents time to make alternative arrangements.

MSF is in the process of recovering the wrongful subsidy claims from Impresario Learning Lab.

"We have been in contact with the parents to explain the situation and to offer them our assistance in transferring their children to other student care centres," it said in its statement.