Car slams into motorcyclist at Changi Airport Terminal 3 pick-up point

The motorcyclist was taken to Changi General Hospital after the accident.
The motorcyclist was taken to Changi General Hospital after the accident.PHOTOS: FACEBOOK/IVY LONG

SINGAPORE - A motorcyclist was taken to hospital after he was hit by a car at a pick-up point in Changi Airport.

A video and pictures of the accident, posted on Facebook by user Ivy Long, show the motorcyclist zipping along before a white car slams into him.

The motorcyclist can be seen being flung from the bike. He is later seen on the ground, bleeding. Emergency personnel arrived soon after. 

The accident took place at a pick-up point at the Terminal 3 Arrival Hall at about 9.30pm on Friday (Aug 11).

The Singapore Civil Defence Force told The Straits Times that it received a call for help at that time and dispatched an ambulance.

The motorcyclist was taken to Changi General Hospital.

Many netizens were speculated over whose fault it was. Some said it was the motorcyclist's fault while others blamed the driver. Others still said both of them were to blame. 

One ChengHui Cai, posting a comment on Ms Long's post on the Singapore Taxi Driver Facebook page, said: "Rider ride like he's racing... driver (drove) across Chevron marking = recipe for disaster. Both are at fault."

Mr Eric Cheong, who drives a car and rides a motorcycle, said he felt it was the motorcyclist's fault.

The police said they were alerted to the accident involving a car and a motorcycle along 65 Airport Boulevard, Changi Airport T3, at 9.28pm.

Police investigations are ongoing.