Morning 'shower' in Dunearn due to leaky pipe

A water pipe leak on Dunearn Road on Tuesday had residents thinking it was an early morning shower.

The powerful gush sprayed about 10m into the air and across the road onto some private houses nearby. A bus stop was also caught in the torrent.

"I woke up and thought it was raining," said Madam Susan Ho, 65, who lives in a semi-detached house across the road.

"The force (of the water) was great as it flew into my garden and patio."

The retiree added that she also found small stones with the spray which might have come from the turfed area where the leak was.

No damage to property was reported.

Twenty-five nearby households reported low water pressure in the morning, but water supply was fully restored by 10am.

A water wagon was deployed to provide temporary supply. Police diverted traffic to the single-lane Goldhill Avenue, beside Dunearn Road, at 5.15am.

The main road reopened at 7.55am.

A PUB spokesman said workers arrived at 6.20am and started isolating the water supply to stop the leak.

By 8.15am, the leakage had subsided and repair works started.

When the Straits Times visited the scene yesterday afternoon, repair works were still ongoing. It was expected to be completed last night.

Investigations by PUB showed that the leak was due to a small corrosion about the size of a 50-cent coin in the pipe.

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