Morning Minutes: What will make headlines, Jan 8, 2016

Hawker stalls along Pagoda Street in Chinatown in 1959.
Hawker stalls along Pagoda Street in Chinatown in 1959.PHOTO: ST FILE

Good morning! Morning Minutes is a round-up of stories that will break on Friday, Jan 8, and which we think you'd be interested in.

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Sharing personal stories from Chinatown residents

The rich history of Chinatown - its evolution from Chinese migrant settlement to vibrant heritage district - is captured in the Chinatown Heritage Centre. In 2014, work began to rejuvenate and update the centre. The details of the rejuvenation work will be announced on Friday (Jan 8) morning. Among the updates is a more in-depth collection of personal stories from the Chinatown community. - MELODY ZACCHEUS

Obama to hold town hall meet on guns

US President Barack Obama (left) wipes away tears while speaking on gun control measures while Vice-President Joe Biden looks on, in the White House on Jan 5, 2016. PHOTO: EPA

United States President Barack Obama will join CNN anchor Anderson Cooper for a one-hour town hall discussion on gun control at George Mason University in Virginia at 9am Singapore time on Friday (Jan 8) . Mr Obama will also take questions from the audience on the issue. The event coincides with the 5th anniversary of the Tucson, Arizona, shooting, in which six people were killed and 13 wounded.

Key US jobs data to be released

A job seeker (right) meets with recruiters during a recruitment fair in San Francisco on Nov 12, 2015. PHOTO: AFP/GETTY IMAGES

The United States Labour Department will release its non-farm payroll report on Friday (Jan 8), which includes public and private sector employment - the first jobs report since the Federal Reserve's decision to raise the interest rate.

Economists expect the private payroll to stand at 195,000 jobs in December, down from 197,000 the month before, while the total non-farm employment is also expected to be down to 200,000.