Remembering Lee Kuan Yew

More than 1,000 people gather in Hong Kong to bid Mr Lee Kuan Yew goodbye

More than 1,000 people gathered as one in Hong Kong on Sunday to grief and bid farewell to Mr Lee Kuan Yew through a live telecast of the Singapore founding Prime Minister's state funeral.

"Mr Lee will be missed dearly. We will remember him," said Consul-General of Singapore Jacky Foo during the event at the Central Plaza on Hong Kong Island.

Mr Foo added: "Mr Lee gave us our Singapore as we know it. He gave us the security umbrella. He gave us economic opportunities. And he build a social framework, for Singapore to thrive and Singaporeans to pursue their dreams and live their lives. Mr Lee devoted his life to Singapore.

"He once said: 'Even from my sick bed, even if you are going to lower me to my grave, and I feel that something is going wrong, I will get up.' He cared so deeply about Singapore.

"This past week, we see that Singaporeans care deeply about him too. You would have followed the long lines at the Padang. In Hong Kong, I have 5,000 people coming to pay their respects and pen their tributes.

"But there can be no more fitting tribute to his than for all of us to hold dear to his principles, carry on his ideals and work hard to build an even better Singapore. So to Mr Lee, we say "thank you" and "goodbye" and wish you a good journey, as the Chinese saying goes, yi lu zou hao (take care on the road)."

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