More taxpayers filing earlier this year, with three-quarters doing so by April 1

By April 1, 75 per cent of taxpayers had filed their tax returns for the year - 4 percentage points higher than at the same time last year, the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore said on Wednesday.

By the due-date of April 18, 95 per cent of taxpayers had filed.

This includes 820,000 who did so online, and over a million others on the No-Filing Service, which means that they will get their tax bill without having to submit an Income Tax Return.

More taxpayers were also using Iras's SMS Return My Call service, which sends a text message to Iras to request a call back - saving time compared to calling Iras and waiting for a call to be connected. Almost 23,000 taxpayers used this service, 77 per cent more than over the same period last year.

But overall, fewer taxpayers found a need to call at all. The 230,900 calls and SMSes made to Iras this year was 4 per cent lower than those received in the 2013 tax season.

Iras will issue the tax bills or Notices of Assessment to taxpayers from May 2014 onwards. Those who are not on GIRO must pay their taxes within one month from the date of the bill.

Iras says individual taxpayers who have not filed their returns should do so immediately. Those who file late will face a penalty of up to $1,000.

For help, call the Iras helpline 1800-356-8300 during office hours, or email Iras via the forms on their website,