More singles in Singapore finding love through online dating sites, survey shows

More Singaporeans are finding love through online dating sites.

This is according to a biennial regional survey conducted among 1,900 people in Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia by dating agency Lunch Actually in January.

Of the 788 respondents from Singapore, 51 per said they used online dating platforms to find potential partners. This is a spike from 26 per cent in 2009.

Ms Violet Lim, chief executive of Lunch Actually, said at a media conference on Thursday: "As online dating sites become more attuned to the needs of singles such as profile verification... more singles are beginning to be more receptive to online dating."

In addition, more than 70 per cent of all the singles polled said that they will check on their potential dates online before meeting them.

Other results showed that only 47 per cent of the Singaporean women surveyed are willing to date younger men, a drop from 59 per cent in 2009. Nearly half of them will also not consider dating a man who earns less or has a lower educational level.

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