More seniors using technology to manage their healthcare needs - survey

More seniors here are turning to technology to help keep track of their health, according to a new survey by consultancy firm Accenture.

In particular, 80 per cent would like electronic reminders, and 83 per cent would like to be able to schedule appointments online. Another 77 per cent would like to access their health information virtually - but only about half of them said they are currently able to do so.

Accenture's research also showed that 43 per cent of seniors are actively tracking aspects of their health like weight, blood pressure, and personal health history.

"Just as seniors are turning to the Internet for banking, shopping, entertainment and communications, they also expect to virtually manage aspects of their healthcare services online," said Corissa Leung, Accenture's managing director for the Asean Health Industry.

"What this means is that health systems need to expand their digital options to help their patients track and manage their care outside their doctor's office."

The survey was conducted across nine countries, including Australia, Brazil, France, and the US. It covered 9,015 people aged 18 and above, 1,001 of whom are from Singapore. Of those from Singapore who were surveyed, 134 of them are seniors aged 65 and above.

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