More realistic disaster simulation training programme to be launched next year

SINGAPORE - A new training programme which will simulate more realistic ground conditions at a disaster zone will be launched next year.

The new programme will be held outdoors in varying terrain conditions and will make use of a large number of mannequins, which will act as casualties.

Plans for the programme was revealed by Dr Amy Khor, Senior Minister of State for Health and Manpower, at the 5th Asean Simulation User Network Conference on Thursday (Aug 20).

The programme adds to the list of some 30 simulation training programmes currently offered by the Institute for Medical Simulation and Education (IMSE), in partnership with other institutions such as hospitals.

The institute has for instance collaborated with the Alice Lee Institute of Advanced Nursing and the Singapore General Hospital's surgery division to set up a mini hospital with a simulated ward, operating theatre, intensive care unit and specialists outpatient clinics.

Dr Khor said simulation has been used in healthcare training in the last 20 years and has allowed students, trainees and healthcare professionals to practise under observation with feedback, yet without danger to patients.

"It is also a reliable tool for assessing learners and even for teaching topics such as teamwork and communication," she noted.

She added that the two-day conference provides an opportunity for healthcare professionals to keep abreast of the latest national and international developments in simulation training.

The conference will be attended by some 200 delegates and cover topics on the use of simulation in areas such as clinical practice, pre-hospital care, curriculum development and design.