More cases of reckless e-scooter riders surface, raising concerns over safety

A man on an e-scooter travelling very close to the back of a bus, before moving into the second lane. PHOTO: SCREENGRAB FROM FACEBOOK

SINGAPORE - Multiple incidents of people on e-scooters taking to the roads and travelling at high speeds has sparked worry online.

Last Friday (Oct 14), a one-and-a-half minute video was uploaded to Facebook, showing a man on an e-scooter travelling very close to the back of a bus, before moving into the second lane. He was travelling next to the bus before overtaking it.

According to Shin Min Daily News, he was believed to be travelling at 50kmh along Aljunied Road, towards MacPherson Road. The time and date stamp on the video showed that it happened on Friday, at around 1pm.

Later on Monday (Oct 17), two videos of reckless e-scooters were uploaded on the Facebook page.

The first shows a man riding his e-scooter in the middle lane of a busy road, said to be Serangoon Road.

In the video, which lasts less than half a minute, a motorist honks the e-scooter user, who wobbles a little before filtering to the right-most lane.

The second video was of six e-scooters with very bright headlights, zooming along a road. The time and location of where the video was recorded are not clear.

The e-scooter users were believed to be travelling between 80kmh to 90kmh in the 8 sec video.

These incidents come after another clip of an e-scooter user overtaking a bus was uploaded on citizen journalism site Stomp on Sept 22.

In the minute-long clip showing a user wearing a helmet and riding on the left-most lane of the three-lane Mandai Road, the e-scooter user is seen passing a bus, nipping in ahead of a taxi, before cutting back close in front of the bus.

According to what was said in the video, the e-scooter was travelling at at least 60kmh.

Netizens have expressed concern over the safety of the e-scooter riders, and urged the authorities, such as the Land Transport Authority (LTA), do something about the situation.

Facebook user Rudy RR said that "crashing one of those things (the e-scooters) at those speeds, and without sufficient protective gear" might lead to severe injury or even death.

Said Facebook user Gabriel Sim: "Hope LTA ( does) something about it."

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